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5 Best Travel Destinations in North Sumatra, Indonesia

Trip Dalgano - Destination | Hello friends, on this occasion we will discuss the topic of the province of North Sumatra which is one of the provinces in Indonesia which has various natural tourist attractions and is very interesting to see with the eye. Namely Top 5 Travel Destinations in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Natural attractions themselves are a suitable place to spend vacation time and unwind from daily activities, especially for someone who doesn't like the crowds of natural tourism, this is the perfect place for him. And if you are looking for natural tourism info in the Aceh area, just read on the 5 Best Tourist Destinations in Aceh Indonesia.

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These are the 5 Best Travel Destinations in North Sumatra, Indonesia

 1. Sorake Beach and Lagundri Beach

Sorake Beach and Lagundri Beach

Sorake Beach and Lagundri Beach

Have you heard of Sorake Beach and Lagundri Beach? For lovers of water sports, it must be familiar, Sorake Beach and Lagundri Beach in North Sumatra are tourist sites that you must visit, especially for surfers. Because these two beaches have been named the best surfing spots in the world. And not infrequently, these two beaches are often used as locations for national and international surfing championships, one of which is the Nias Open.

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2. Toba Lake

Toba Lake

Lake Toba is the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, Lake Toba is one of the attractions in North Sumatra that you should not miss. On the other hand, Lake Toba itself has a history and legend that is believed by the surrounding community. Then there is also a lot that can be done here, starting from seeing historical sites, visiting traditional Batak houses, to going around Tuktuk Siadong Village - adong.

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3. Sipiso-Piso Waterfall

Sipiso - Piso Waterfall

Sipiso - Piso Waterfall

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Sipiso-Piso waterfall Located near the residential area of Tongging Village, Brand District, Karo, Sipiso-Piso Waterfall itself offers its natural charm and beauty that will make you chuckle and our eyes will be made to feel at home to look at it. Located at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level from 1,900 meters above sea level, this waterfall is also one of the highest waterfalls in Indonesia with a shower height of 120 meters.

4. Samosir island

Samosir Island

Samosir Island

Samosir Island is one of the most popular islands in North Sumatra. Samosir Island itself is no less beautiful than other islands. Its location which is right in the middle of Lake Toba is a privilege for the island as well as a special attraction for tourists. There are many exciting activities that you can do and also challenge the adrenaline on this volcanic island, from adventuring in Marlakkop Cave, watching the Sigale-gale dance performance, going around the Huta Bolon Simanindo Museum, to enjoying the uniqueness of Batu Parsidangan.

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5. Mount Leuser National Park

Mount Leuser National Park

Mount Leuser National Park

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Geographically, Gunung Leuser National Park is located in two different provinces, namely Aceh and North Sumatra. This is not surprising, considering the area of this tourist park reaches 1,094,692 hectares, it is only natural that this mountain covers 2 provinces at once. Gunung Leuser, Kappi Wildlife Sanctuary, Kluet Wildlife Sanctuary, Gurah Tourism Park, and many more.

okay, I think the discussion is over, thank you for visiting our blog. And have read the article 5 Best Travel Destinations in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Hopefully, it will be useful for Indonesian netizens, especially Netizen +1 who are confused about finding a place to spend their holidays and unwind from daily activities. Read more, and Find Tourism and Culinary In Indonesia.