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Dabo Singkep Hot Springs - Hot Spring Pampering Place, Riau Islands, Indonesia

Trip Dalgano - Destination | Hello friends, on this occasion we will discuss the topic of the province of Riau Islands, namely Dabo Singkep Hot Springs - Hot Spring Pampering Place, Riau Islands, Indonesia. Dabo Singkep hot spring is one of the alternative recreational places in Lingga district, Riau Islands province, more precisely on Singkep Island. This recreation area is an alternative to recreation other than beaches, waterfalls, or mountains, which you can visit with family, friends, or girlfriends.

Dabo Singkep hot spring is approximately 3 km from the center of Dabo Singkep City. The atmosphere around the baths is calm and beautiful, making this bathhouse always crowded, plus during holidays. The Provinces of Aceh and North Sumatra are no less interesting than their natural destinations, read Destinations in Aceh. And more about the 5 Best Travel Destinations in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

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Dabo Singkep Hot Springs

Dabo Singkep Hot Springs

The hot water in this bath comes from the original sulfur springs. So besides being able to be used for bathing or soaking facilities, this hot spring can be used as an alternative to treat various types of skin diseases, such as itching.

The natural sulfur content in the bathing pool makes it can be used for self-reflection. Bathing under the grove of trees, making it shadier and more natural. To make visitors more comfortable to bathe in this place.

Facilities at Dabo Singkep Hot Springs

Facilities at Dabo Singkep Hot Springs

Facilities at Dabo Singkep Hot Springs

In this Dabo Singkep hot spring, there are already 3 pools of water with each pool having a different temperature. One low-temperature pool, one medium-temperature pool, and the other high-temperature pool. In this bathhouse, there is already a special pool for children.

In addition to the presence of a bathing pool, this recreation has provided several gazebos and lodges that you can use as a place to relax while resting after bathing, swimming, or playing in the water.

In addition, the Dabo Singkep hot spring is equipped with a canteen that provides various types of food. So that visitors do not have to worry if they feel hungry. Other facilities for sympathizers already exist in this bathhouse, namely bathrooms, mosques, and parking lots.

Remember the number of visitors is increasing every year until now the management of this hot spring is still trying to build a villa or lodge. The villa can later be used as a place to stay for visitors in the area around the baths.

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Hunting Photo at Dabo Singkep Hot Springs

In this Dabo Singkep hot spring recreation area, there are various beautiful places that you can take as photo spots. You can pose around the bathing pool, you can pose in the water, because the water is the clearest, or you can also pose around the gazebo or resting place because the panorama around the baths is still beautiful.

Access to Dabo Singkep Hot Springs

To get to the Dabo Singkep hot spring recreation area, you have to travel by boat from Tanjung Pinang to Singkep Island. Then, you can continue the journey by traveling by land.

You can use a 2-wheeled or 4-wheeled vehicle to get to this Dabo Singkep hot spring recreation, with a journey time of approximately 20 minutes. Along the way, you will be treated to an enchanting natural panorama and plantations belonging to the surrounding community. Until your trip is not boring.

Enjoy the Beauty of Dabo Singkep Hot Spring

There are various things you can do to enjoy the beauty of the Dabo Singkep hot spring. For example, take a bath and relax the body and mind by soaking in hot water. Besides that, you can sit back and relax around the bath to be able to enjoy the natural hot spring situation.

Opening Hours and Entrance Ticket Prices

You can visit the Dabo Singkep hot spring from the morning until the evening. Based on the explanation of the bath management, travelers can visit starting from 5 am to 11 pm. For the price of the entrance ticket, you only have to pay an amount of IDR 3,000, - for a visitor. Pretty cheap price right? At that price, you can enjoy the impression of a hot shower to your heart's content.

Okay, I think the discussion is over, thank you for visiting our blog. And have read the article about ​Dabo Singkep Hot Springs - Hot Spring Pampering Place, Riau Islands, Indonesia. Hopefully, it will be useful for Indonesian netizens, especially Netizen +1 who are confused about finding a place to vacation and unwind from everyday life. In addition, the beach can also be used as a place for a vacation for someone who likes to enjoy how beautiful the coast is with strong sea breezes. Also, check out the article about the lakes that must be visited in North Sumatra and beaches worth visiting. Learn more, and Find Tourism and Culinary In Indonesia.