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Deep Board Baths - The Main Destination for Travelers to Relax, Riau Islands, Indonesia

Trip Dalgano - Destination | Hello friends, on this occasion we will discuss the topic of the province of Riau Islands, namely Deep Board Baths - The Main Destination for Travelers to Relax, Riau Islands, Indonesia. For the majority of women, taking care of the body is the most important thing and should be a regular schedule. Big cities usually provide facilities for that purpose, say spa and sauna or relaxing massage. However, you will find another scary experience in the Riau Islands, to be precise at the Lubuk Papan Baths.

Lubuk Papan Baths are one of the most popular tourist attractions because of their cool environment with beautiful panoramic views. This is inseparable from the impact of the location of the baths which are close to the mountains, even the contours of the land are counted in the contours of the mountainous land. The Provinces of Aceh and North Sumatra are no less interesting than their natural destinations, read Destinations in Aceh. And more about the 5 Best Travel Destinations in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

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Deep Board Bath

Deep Board Bath

Therefore, the existing water sources also come directly from the top of Mount Daik which is not far from the location of the Damnah Palace clone which is no less crowded with tourists. In addition, this bathhouse is close to several islands and similar beaches - as popular as Riau's tourist attractions.

What are the advantages of this bath compared to other baths? The answer is in the following review which is separated into several subtitles according to the special points of the bath's advantages.

The coolness of this bath is one of the advantages that attract visitors to try to come and enjoy this facility. The coolness is also obtained naturally because the water used in this bath comes from direct mountain springs that are kept clean.

Not only that, visitors who arrive will be presented with a beautiful panorama at the tourist spot. It's really a tourist spot that fits and deserves to be your special option to let go of fatigue and enjoy life a little.

The History of the Baths of Lubuk Papan

According to the narration spread around the place, this bath used to be an exclusive bath that was commonly used by several kings. The location of the baths in Daik Lingga is one of the reasons because the area has been the center of the Malay kingdom since 1761.

Furthermore, the ruling leader at that time, none other than Sultan Mahmud Riayat Sah III, officially made Daik Lingga's place one of the centers of the Malay Kingdom and at the same time built a special palace near the Lubuk Papan Baths.

The selection of the location of the palace and baths was not arbitrary because Sultan Mahmud Riayat Sah III knew that water sources were easy to find in the area, which was close to the mountains. In fact, some sources say the princesses of the king often spend time grooming themselves in this bath.

At present, the baths are still in good condition and continue to be maintained from generation to generation by residents in a place whose beauty is finally found by tourists who then visit. Over time, this bathhouse is becoming more and more popular and legitimate to be one of the tourist attractions in the Riau Islands.

Facilities at Deep Board Baths

The location of the baths is close to several other tourist attractions, so you can get other interesting things. Many gazebos are near the bathing area and are often used by visitors to rest while enjoying the beauty that is sold in that place.

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Hunting Photo at Deep Board Baths Tour

Hunting Photo at Deep Board Baths Tour

Hunting Photo at Deep Board Baths Tour

Many beautiful panoramas can be captivating photos for you to collect as memories of the past. However, not for the bathing location because it is a place of privacy. Baths for women and men are divided, there is no combination bath. You can still pose or take other beautiful panoramic pictures outside the privacy of the baths.

Access to Deep Board Baths

To get to the Lubuk Papan Baths from the Daik urban center, you only need land transportation such as cars, motorbikes, and even bicycles which don't take long to travel. It only takes about 30 minutes to get there and enjoy the baths.

Enjoy the Beauty of Deep Board

A clean bath makes you feel at home for a long time to spend in that place. Plus, visitors are allowed to swim in it. For children or those who can't swim, you can rent swimming tires that are specially contracted by the bathing faction.

Opening Hours and Entrance Ticket Prices

This bath can be visited from 10.00 WIB to 17.30 WIB. However, if the visitors are busy, generally the management faction deliberately increases the opening hours. The entry ticket price is also really cheap, adults are only charged IDR 3,000.00 only and small children are IDR 1,000.00 plus additional parking fees.

Okay, I think the discussion is over, thank you for visiting our blog. And have read the article about ​Deep Board Baths - The Main Destination for Travelers to Relax, Riau Islands, Indonesia. Hopefully, it will be useful for Indonesian netizens, especially Netizen +1 who are confused about finding a place to vacation and unwind from everyday life. In addition, the beach can also be used as a place for a vacation for someone who likes to enjoy how beautiful the coast is with strong sea breezes. Also, check out the article about the lakes that must be visited in North Sumatra and beaches worth visiting. Learn more, and Find Tourism and Culinary In Indonesia.