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Grand Mosque - Beauty of Mosque Architecture, Riau Islands, Indonesia

Trip Dalgano - Destination | Hello friends, on this occasion we will discuss the topic of the province of Riau Islands, namely Grand Mosque - Beauty of Mosque Architecture, Riau Islands, Indonesia. The mosque on Dompak Island has such a beautiful beauty. This is followed by a beautiful view that can catch the eyes of some travelers who won't want to let go to see the beauty of this mosque. The mosque is called the Riau Archipelago Grand Mosque

For you, a Muslim who likes to go to the mosque, of course, you have also been to the mosque on the island of Riau, right? Of course, you are sure that the island of Riau has many of the most beautiful and beautiful mosques. Besides that, many non-Muslim travelers also come to this spiritual recreation. The Provinces of Aceh and North Sumatra are no less interesting than their natural destinations, read Destinations in Aceh. And more about the 5 Best Travel Destinations in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

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This is the Beauty of Mosque Architecture, Riau Islands, Indonesia

Riau Archipelago Grand Mosque

Riau Archipelago Grand Mosque

The charm of the Riau Islands Grand Mosque is very beautiful. The mosque in the Tanjungpinang district, namely the Bukit Bestari sub-district, is large. The mosque which has the status of letters and ownership rights is very useful for local residents. There are also many worshipers at this mosque during congregational prayers or at regular hours.

Besides, this mosque has the most beautiful minaret. If you are at the top of the tower you will see the mangrove forest looks very bright and charming. Until this mosque is very, very dear if you pass your way in this mosque.

Riau Islands Grand Mosque Facilities

The Riau Islands Grand Mosque has complete facilities. This is because this mosque is a special large mosque in the Riau archipelago. there is a place for ablution which of course has compared between women's and men's ablution. Besides that, there is a tower that is no less beautiful than the others

History of the Riau Islands Grand Mosque

The grand mosque in the city of Tanjungpinang has a history of being a religious recreational destination. Besides that, the mosque that has a certificate of ownership is made by having a minaret.

Besides that, you should know that the mosque which has the thickest culture, namely Malay culture, is very suitable for those of you who are from Malay. No need to worry if this mosque is very beautiful and has a good design and always has many visitors.

Hunting Photo at Riau Islands Grand Mosque Recreation

Hunting Photo at Riau Islands Grand Mosque Recreation

The Riau Islands Grand Mosque is very beautiful with its architectural design, which is so charming the ornaments inside this great mosque. So for those of you who like to pose, you can visit this most beautiful and attractive mosque. In addition to photo hunting, you can also perform worship in this mosque.

Besides that, for those of you who like Malay culture, this mosque is very fitting to visit. This can be seen from the architecture of this mosque, which is most closely related to Malay culture, which was reported to have cost up to 2 trillion dollars.

Access to the Riau Islands Grand Mosque

The mosque which has become a destination for religious recreation is included in the Riau Islands. Besides that, access to the road to the mosque is not sufficient, so for those of you who want to visit this mosque, you should use the access road that should be passed by residents in general.

The mosque in the central complex, which is at the center of the government, should have easy road access. However, the government should provide more support for road access to this great mosque.

Riau Islands Grand Mosque Opening Hours

For those of you who like to visit this religious recreation area, therefore you can visit from morning tonight. Besides, you don't have to worry if you come to it at night because this religious recreation is crowded at night and what's more, it is the night of the month of Ramadan.

Besides that, you don't have to worry about the ticket price you spend. This ticket price has no fees taken. So if you want to come and do worship, then this great mosque in the Riau Islands is very fitting. But you can give money to charity in the mosque voluntarily.

This Riau Archipelago Grand Mosque is not to be missed. Besides that, this most beautiful mosque is visited by certain events and is very crowded. Besides, you should try to visit the mosque.

Okay, I think the discussion is over, thank you for visiting our blog. And have read the article about Al-Grand Mosque - Beauty of Mosque Architecture, Riau Islands, Indonesia. Hopefully, it will be useful for Indonesian netizens, especially Netizen +1 who are confused about finding a place to vacation and unwind from everyday life. In addition, the beach can also be used as a place for a vacation for someone who likes to enjoy how beautiful the coast is with strong sea breezes. Also, check out the article about the lakes that must be visited in North Sumatra and beaches worth visiting. Learn more, and Find Tourism and Culinary In Indonesia.