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King Haji Abdul Gani Masjid Mosque - The Oldest Mosque In Karimum, Riau Islands, Indonesia

Trip Dalgano - Destination | Hello friends, on this occasion we will discuss the topic of the province of Riau Islands, namely King Haji Abdul Gani Masjid Mosque - The Oldest Mosque In Karimum, Riau Islands, Indonesia. Karimun Regency, Riau Islands Province has a monumental heritage that is quite important. This is the Haji Abdul Ghani Mosque in Buru District. Based on historical records, this mosque is the oldest mosque in Karimun Regency and the second oldest in the Riau Islands Province, after the Penyengat Mosque in Tanjung Pinang. The Provinces of Aceh and North Sumatra are no less interesting than their natural destinations, read Destinations in Aceh. And more about the 5 Best Travel Destinations in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

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King Haji Abdul Gani Masjid Mosque

King Haji Abdul Gani Masjid Mosque

This mosque is named after the king who made it at that time, King Abdul Ghani bin Raja Idris bin Raja Haji Fisabilillah. The first emir in this region wrote that the mosque was built in the middle of the 19th century, or in the period of the Riau-Lingga kingdom. To be precise, during the reign of Sultan Abdul Rahman around 1883-1911. The area of ​​this mosque has a size of 8 meters. x 15 meters. the supremacy of the yellow society from the very beginning.

The architecture of this mosque has a dome supported by 4 pillars with a height of about five meters. This mosque can accommodate a congregation of about 100 people and is still used by the surrounding community for religious activities in general.

According to elders in Buru District, it is said that the architecture was made by a Chinese. This is confirmed by the establishment of a temple that is located not far from the mosque. The shape of the tower in the form of a cone which at first glance is similar to the incense burning room in the temple strengthens this recognition. Apart from that, it can be seen from the dome that is like an incense burning room, the circulation hole is made of rush-colored jade and has the size characteristic of China, so it's a fact.

The terraces and roofs, which are still maintained in their original form, characterize the uniqueness of the country of bamboo curtains. The Camat of Buru, Irwan Dinovri, explained that the mosque, which is one of the purposes of religious recreation, is still maintaining its originality. In addition to maintaining its originality, near the location of this mosque, there are still ancient heritages such as old cannons and bells from Spain.

The water for ablution never dries up

The peculiarity of the oldest mosque in Karimun Regency, the Haji Abdul Gani Mosque, located in Buru District, lies not only in its architectural beauty. The uniqueness can be seen from the strength of the mosque which was built around 1883-1911, or in the period of the Riau-Lingga kingdom. "After being studied, to connect the walls around the mosque, it is calculated that it is strong not to use cement like today's buildings.

At that time using egg yolks. Because of that, its strength is still protected until now," said a Tribune source as a resident figure at the mosque location recently. The color and pattern of the mosque which is dominated by yellow with an additional green color are still maintained until now. "The color of the walls of the mosque is still the same as the original color. . The yellow color is the uniqueness of Malays," said the Camat of Buru, Irwan Dinovri.

The existence of a well to take ablution water that is in front of the mosque until now still plays a role and is still maintained in its shape. Reportedly, the water for ablution here never runs out, even though local residents take it every day. "During the long dry season, the well water did not run out. Alhamdulillah, this well has brought gifts to the people of Buru. Even though it is taken every day, the water never dries up and there is still plenty of it," explained Irwan Dinovri.

A special entrance in the form of an arch with a height of 2.3 meters. with a width of 1.3 meters. until now still standing strong and acting as it should be. The other doors that look shorter are still maintained because in fact no repairs have been carried out until now. The minaret of the mosque is 21 meters high. and with a diameter of 4 meters. which stands strong on the right side of the mosque is immediately visible when you visit or pass through the island of Buru.

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This mosque can be seen before the ship pulled up to the pier because it is located overlooking the ocean and close to the shoreline. "During the commemoration of several Islamic days, this mosque is crowded with tourists. Both local and foreign. Apart from having a pilgrimage destination to the mosque, tourists generally go to several other recreational places on Buru Island such as the Body tomb, Perigi Batu, and the hot springs in Buru Island. Tanjungutan," he said.

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