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Sultan Riau Grand Mosque - Relics of the Riau Lingga Kingdom, Riau Islands, Indonesia

Trip Dalgano - Destination | Hello friends, on this occasion we will discuss the topic of the province of Riau Islands, namely Sultan Riau Grand Mosque - Relics of the Riau Lingga Kingdom, Riau Islands, Indonesia. The Sultan Riau Grand Mosque as one of the mosques which are quite old and have historical value is located in the Riau Archipelago. To be precise, you can find this mosque on Penyengat Island, Tanjung Pinang City, Riau Islands Province, Indonesia. One of the peculiarities of this mosque is the combination of the building materials that use egg whites

The attraction of the Sultan Riau Grand Mosque has a wall thickness that reaches 50 cm and is the only legacy of the Riau Kingdom - Lingga which is intact. The total area is approximately 54.4 x 32.2 meters., while the mosque building has an area of ​​29.3 x 19.5 meters. The floor of the mosque is made of bricks whose constituent material is clay. The Provinces of Aceh and North Sumatra are no less interesting than their natural destinations, read Destinations in Aceh. And more about the 5 Best Travel Destinations in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

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Sultan Riau Grand Mosque

Sultan Riau Grand Mosque

While the foundation comes from 4 pillars that are strong to support the mosque. The Sultan Riau Grand Mosque has 13 domes and 4 minarets with a sharp tip with a height of 18.9 meters. which in the past was often used by several muezzins to make the call to prayer when it was time for prayer. The mosque building in such a way makes its performance look special like the palaces of several kings in India.

Facilities of the Sultan Riau Grand Mosque

In the courtyard area, you can see 2 smooth houses where until now their presence was intended for travelers and to carry out consensus activities. Not only sotoh but there are also 2 halls in the courtyard of the mosque.

These 2 halls serve as a place to store food when you are safe and to do iftar activities together in the month of Ramadan. This grand mosque has a cheerful yellow wall color, so it really stands out and is easily recognized among other buildings.

History of the Sultan Riau Grand Mosque

The construction of the Sultan Riau Grand Mosque began in 1761 and was completed in 1812. Initially, this mosque was only made of the simplest wood with a brick floor and a tower with a height of up to 6 meters. However, over time the mosque was only made of wood. it is not able to contain the number of members of the congregation which is increasing.

Furthermore, the Sultan of the Kingdom of Riau - Lingga who held it in 1831 - 1844, namely Yang Dipertuan Muda Raja Abdurrahman, had the idea to update and enlarge the mosque. The construction of the mosque is carried out in mutual cooperation. This incident occurred precisely on Eid Al-Fitr 1248 H or in 1832 AD.

All residents mustered their strength to deliver building materials, food for several employees, and donated their energy as a form of sincere love to Allah SWT and the Sultan. In fact, quite a lot of women's groups took part in the development.

Reportedly, because the residents gave them lots of food, one of them was eggs and some of the workers felt bored because they had to eat eggs every day, so they only consumed the yolk. While the white side of the egg is used as an adhesive for sand and lime to make the mosque building strong.

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Hunting Photo at Sultan Riau Grand Mosque

Hunting Photo at Sultan Riau Grand Mosque

Hunting Photo at Sultan Riau Grand Mosque

Some monumental objects such as the Al-Qur'an Mushaf which was recorded directly by the son of Riau, Abdurrahman Stambul which is placed in a glass coffin, you can document the image in the form of a photo.

Besides that, there is also a manuscript of the Qur'an which was hand-written by Abdullah Al-Bugis, but unlike the first one, this creation has a closed nature so that people can't carelessly watch it.

Access to the Sultan Riau Grand Mosque

It's easy, to get to the Sultan Riau Grand Mosque, you just have to ride a ship in the direction of Sri Bintan Pura Pier. There is not far back, you just need to take public transportation through the mosque and you arrive to explore one of the monumental heritages while feeling worship at the oldest mosque in Tanjung Pinang city.

Opening Hours of the Sultan Riau Grand Mosque

Like mosques in general, of course, this mosque is open 24 hours non-stop every day and there is no entrance fee. This is because the role of the presence of the mosque is more likely to be a place to carry out worship than as a monumental tourist spot.

Okay, I think the discussion is over, thank you for visiting our blog. And have read the article about Al-Sultan Riau Grand Mosque - Relics of the Riau Lingga Kingdom, Riau Islands, Indonesia. Hopefully, it will be useful for Indonesian netizens, especially Netizen +1 who are confused about finding a place to vacation and unwind from everyday life. In addition, the beach can also be used as a place for a vacation for someone who likes to enjoy how beautiful the coast is with strong sea breezes. Also, check out the article about the lakes that must be visited in North Sumatra and beaches worth visiting. Learn more, and Find Tourism and Culinary In Indonesia.